Delivery Policy

Orders are processed and delivered via email within minutes during normal office hours unless there is a problem that requires further verification by a billing specialist. It is possible we may need to call you to verify your order. We will deliver your order as soon as possible and if there is a problem we will contact you by whatever means necessary to get your order to you in a timely manner.

Office hours are Monday to Friday  9am-6pm.
When contacting us about your order please include your Full Name and Invoice Number to speed up the process. We receive 100s of orders a week and your email address and/or name alone may not quickly identify your order. To ensure that we receive your inquiry, do NOT send us email with attachments.
If you have not received your order within 12 hours Contact Us with your Name and Invoice number. In the meantime, review the "How to Avoid an Order Delay Tips" listed below for a possible immediate resolution.
Ordering Tips: How to Avoid an Order Delay
If not, there is something wrong with the email address you provided. If we cannot deliver a receipt, unfortunately, we cannot deliver your order. If you paid via PayPal you will receive your receipt from PayPal, not from our servers. If your receipt bounces back to us, we will contact you by whatever means necessary to get your order to you in a timely manner. If you discover a potential receipt bounce-back due to an invalid email address that you provided us before we do, Contact Us immediately with your correct email address (and Invoice Number) which can accept file attachments.
Please be sure that your email service is not filtering your mail and can receive .zip file attachments. Most order delays are caused by mail servers that block or filter mail arriving with attachments. 99% of all government, military, and educational facility email servers will block or delete email attachments for security reasons. If you placed your order indicating the delivery through one of these types of mail servers, please Contact Us with a non-anonymous email account (and Invoice Number) such as your website email or your paid Internet Service Provider email. Please check your junk mail or spam folders. Add our domains, and to your email white list to ensure prompt delivery of email communications with us.
Did you include the EXACT billing NAME, ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER on your order as it appears on your monthly credit card statement? If not, your order will be delayed until ALL EXACT BILLING INFO is received. Please note this includes the EXACT billing phone number. If you catch this error before we do, Contact Us immediately with your correct billing information that appears on your monthly credit card statement.
We cannot accept any third-party billing without written authorization from the cardholder. To send us authorization, print the "Authorization Form" and have the cardholder complete it, sign it, include copies of all stated verification documents and then fax it to us at the fax number on the form.