Cancellation, Returns and Refunds Policy

Excluding orders for Bespoke Products which are irrevocable, should a Purchaser request to: (i) cancel all or any part of any Purchase Order; (ii) fail to meet any obligation hereunder, causing cancellation or rescheduling of any Purchase Order or portion thereof; (iii) request a rescheduling of the delivery of Products and the request is accepted by Paulight Technologies; or (iv) request a configuration change causing rescheduling of the delivery of Products, and the request is accepted by Paulight Technologies; Purchaser agrees to pay to Paulight Technologies, should it be requested, the following cancellation / reschedule Fees: Notice Received: (% of List Price) 2 days or more prior to scheduled delivery date: 5%; 1 day or less prior to scheduled delivery date 10%; Recognising that the cancellation or rescheduling of any Purchase Order will cause additional costs to Paulight Technologies in an amount that cannot be readily determined. The Purchaser agrees that the previously stated fees represent a reasonable estimate of the costs to Paulight Technologies which would result from such cancellation or rescheduling. Should Purchase Order that is deemed irrevocable be cancelled then the full Purchase Price will be paid by Purchaser. In addition, there shall be no cancellation/ rescheduling fees for correction of any typographical or clerical errors or change of location for delivery PROVIDED THAT the Purchaser informs Paulight Technologies before 24 hours of the date of shipping If the change of location for delivery applies to an order made in respect of any jurisdiction outside UK mainland then we reserve the right to charge a fee for the administration costs incurred in doing so. Other than for Purchase Orders made in person, the Purchaser shall have the right under Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 to cancel this agreement at any time up to seven (7) working days after the date of receipt of the Product (“the Cancellation Period”). This right does not apply to orders made for Bespoke Products or if you have taken any audio or video recording or computer software out of the sealed package in which it was delivered to you  If the Purchaser wishes to cancel this agreement, they must inform Paulight Technologies in writing within the Cancellation Period. If a Purchase Order comprises multiple Products then, notwithstanding that one supply code may have been used by Paulight Technologies for convenience, the Purchaser must expressly notify Paulight Technologies of its intention to cancel all or any part of the Purchase Order by reference to each Product separately. Paulight Technologies will not be obliged to accept notice of cancellation unless each Product to be returned is identified separately. If notice is given outside of the Cancellation Period it is at Paulight Technologies’ entire discretion to accept such notice. Purchasers should keep evidence of any cancellation notice given. The Purchaser must return all Products to Paulight Technologies undamaged and in the same condition as when received in accordance with their statutory duty under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000.  All Products returned by the Purchaser shall be at the Purchaser’s own cost.  Paulight Technologies shall be entitled to liquidated damages such sum being equivalent to the cost of repair of any damage caused to or replacement of any Product damaged beyond economical repair where the Purchaser has breached their statutory duty under Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 to return Products. This cancellation policy does not affect the Purchasers statutory rights.